The Treasure Coast and Beyond: After Irma

After Irma Left Town

September 10, 2017.  Hurricane Irma decided to leave Cuba and continue its sojourn up the West Coast of Florida.  Luckily, Cuba helped to knock it down a couple of notches.  After Irma left Florida, there was a lot more damage on the Eastern Coast (as well as the Florida Keys). It was nowhere near as bad as what it could have been.  While Florida is built to withstand Hurricanes, both naturally and building code wise, it was a gift from God that it turned out the way that it did.

During the Hurricane

At my residence in Port St. Lucie, FL, the winds did not get too crazy.  I heard it reported that the highest wind gust in the area was over 80 mph.  Fort Pierce, our neighbor city, received the most rainfall in Florida and there was a great deal of flooding in the coastal areas.  The lights flickered on and off a few times and finally went out for good around 5:00 p.m. the Hurricane reached its peak at about 8:00 p.m on Sunday evening.  I will admit that it was fun at first.  Since the electricity did not go out until the evening, it was not too uncomfortable and we got to have some “real” family time together (amazing what happens when there are no TV’s or phones).  We went to bed and were able to sleep through the night without feeling too uncomfortable.

After Irma

We awoke the next day and Hurricane Irma was far away to the North of us.  We were happy to be safe but not happy with the fact that we still had no power.  Don’t get me wrong, after seeing a few transformers “pop” in the evening, I knew that we were not alone.  As the morning turned into the afternoon, sitting in the house was no longer an option.  Hurricane season happens to be in the summer months and Florida is HOT!  It was still fun to be outside with the family.  Thankfully, it was a rather breezy day so as long as we sat in the shade it was not too bad.  A couple of times throughout the day, we packed into the van and drove through town.  Part of the reasoning was to take some pictures of any damage we could see but I believe the real reason was to be able to sit in the A/C.

We had froze many bags and gallons of water so we were able to turn our refrigerator into a cooler.  Eating was not a problem since I am an avid camper and am well prepared when it comes to cooking with no power.  In fact, I was even able to use my birthday present, a biolite camp stove (Click on the link to read my review).  Besides the fact that I didn’t need any fuel besides twigs and pine-cones (which Irma left an abundance in our yard), I was also able to provide a bit of a charge to my phone.

As we were beginning to discuss what to have for dinner, an amazing thing happened… Power was restored!  Unlike many others in Port St. Lucie (and most of Florida, for that matter), the A/C was on in the house and we were going to eat like kings!  Better yet, we were going to sleep without the heat and humidity.  You never realize how fortunate we are to have electricity and A/C until you have gone without it for a day.

Take a look at some of the pictures I took of Tradition and some of the other areas around Port St. Lucie.  I also took some sunset pictures on Monday evening and it was beautiful!  You would never have known that a hurricane as big as Irma had just passed by.

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