The Treasure Coast and Beyond: Fort Pierce City Marina

Where is the Fort Pierce City Marina?

Take exit 131 West off of I-95 and stay on Orange Avenue until you find the parking lots near the waters of the Fort Pierce City Marina.  This is also the location of the weekly, Saturday morning, Farmer’s Market in Fort Pierce, FL.

Fort Pierce City Marina
1 Avenue A
Fort Pierce, FL 34950

The adventure continues…

My imagination ran wild upon arriving at the Fort Pierce City Marina.  I was looking for beautiful sunrise place but ended up letting my imagination run wild.  While I may not own a boat of my own, I can definitely imagine what it would be like to have one…

The sunrise was around 6:30 am on the morning of my visit to the Fort Pierce City Marina.  After parking my Black Jeep Wrangler in a relatively vacant parking, I gathered my photography equipment and began meandering towards the docks in search of potential snaps.  As I walked up to the first dock, I was disappointed when I came to a locked gate.  The sign read, “Owners Only”.

After reading the sign, my imagination had been ignited.  I began to wonder what it would be like if I held a key to the gate and could board my ship and set sail when I chose…

He rummaged through the pockets of his cargo shorts in search of the key chain that held the key to the dock gate.  His camera was hanging from around his neck, shaking back and forth as if dodging the searching hands.

He found them!  For some reason, the keys were in the pocket on the left side of his shorts.  Normally, keys were always put in the right side; how did they end up there?  With a shrug of his shoulders, he inserted the key into the lock and opened the squeaky gate.  With a gentle nudge, the gate opened as if on its own accord and crashed into the handrail of the dock making a loud noise.  Locking the gate behind him, the seafarer quickened his pace and headed for the second from last ship on the right.  His ship.

He took his time preparing for his voyage.  On the open seas, only a foolish seaman would venture out without having all the necessary gear.  He had a mental checklist of everything that needed to be done on the ship before he could leave for his upcoming adventure in the Atlantic Ocean.  After checking everything on the list off and going back over the list a second time for verification, he knew he was ready.  He untied the bowline and set off for adventure.  Soon enough, he would be clear of the Marina and on his way.

The ship sailed into the massive waves of the Atlantic Ocean like a knife slicing through butter.  Many people don’t understand the motion that is felt while traveling through moderately turbulent waters.  It is not just moving up and down; it is moving up and down while simultaneously rocking port to starboard and bow to stern.  Some people seem to have been born with a gene that prevents them from getting sick from the motion of the ocean.  He was standing at the helm with a smile on his face lacking even the smallest sign of any discomfort.  Surrounded by nothing but water, his adventure had just begun…

While standing behind the locked gate, I slowly returned to a reality that did not consist of being an owner of a boat. While it was a little sad, I did have my camera and plenty of beautiful moments to capture in digital format.  I will not argue that the morning would have been better had I been able to board one of these ships and set sail on an adventure.  Fortunately, I have a pretty vivid imagination.  Taking photos so that I can remember the beauty of the morning would be enough to start another great day!

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