The Hutchinson Island Adventure: Fort Pierce Inlet State Park

Where is the Fort Pierce Inlet State Park?

From I-95, you take exit 131 and head East on Orange Ave.  Take a Left (North) on N. 4th Street and stay on this road until you get to N. Causeway Dr. (You will see signs for the Navy Seal Museum).   Shortly after crossing the causeway, the entrance to the Fort Pierce Inlet State Park will be on your right.  Want to see some of the other State Parks I have visited?  Click Here!
905 Shorewinds Drive
Fort Pierce, FL 34949
(772) 468-3985

The Adventure Continues…

The first, official day of summer is almost here.  This also happens to be the longest day of the year.  The best thing about it is that after June 22, the sunrise begins cresting the horizon later and later.  Of course, Daylight Savings time ends up messing that up but that is something that I try to forget about until after it happens.
On the day that I visited the Fort Pierce Inlet State Park, the sun rose at 6:26 a.m.  The park does not officially open until 8:00 a.m.  How was I able to get access to the park before it opened?  Easy.  I found out that if you have a season pass (which I do) and you stop by the office, you can sign a form and they will give you the combination to the gate and a paper to put on the dashboard of your car.  The combination is only good for the State Park where you signed up for the early/late access and it is only good for 30 days because the reset the combination each month.
The State Park is just North of “the Jetty” and it is absolutely beautiful. I have also heard this beach referred to as the pay beach.  Why?  Well, since it is a State Park, there is an entry fee unless you happen to have a pass.  Here is the link to the Inlet State Park’s website if you would like more information, such as activities, fees, etc. (click here).  I will definitely be coming back here to explore the area more thoroughly so that I can find some more sites to photograph the sunrise and sunset.  This is also a beach that I will be bringing the family to because it is absolutely beautiful and there is a lot of activities to keep the kiddos (and ourselves) entertained.
Sadly, the adventure had come to an end.  I hope you have enjoyed looking at my photographs at least a fraction as much as I enjoyed witnessing the real thing.  Before you leave, take some time to check out my Adventure Gear Store.  It includes items that I have purchased as well as things that I would like to have for future adventures on the beach.  If you know of anything else that might interest me, comment and let me know so that I can add it to my store.  Please feel free to like, comment, and even share my blog with others.  Today’s journey concluded and it has motivated me to look forward to what the future will bring.  Please join me next week as I continue the journey on my Hutchinson Island Adventure!

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