The Hutchinson Island Adventure: Santa Lucea Beach

Where is Santa Lucea Beach?

Located just North of the House of Refuge, Santa Lucea Beach is absolutely beautiful.  If you know how to get to the House of Refuge or Bathtub Beach, you will surely be able to find this hidden gem.  Click on the address below to see the location on google maps:

The Adventure Continues…

Sunrise at Santa Lucea Beach was at 6:28 a.m. on May 27, 2017.  Earlier and earlier the sun continues to rise… I can’t wait until the first day of Summer on June 21, 2017.  Why?  because the sunrise starts later and later and it is that much easier for me to be able to wake myself up.
From the parking lot, the small, sandy path leading to the beach was a bit more overgrown than most of the beaches that I have visited on my adventures.  It felt like I was Indiana Jones preparing to enter a dense jungle in search of lost treasure.  The path led to a dark entrance that was encompassed by thick, lush vegetation.  Any light that attempted to encroach the tropical tunnel was nearly extinguished before hitting the ground.  In other words, it was awesome!  While I may be a full-grown adult, I still have the avid imagination of a child.  I mean, even though we have three children of our own, I am pretty sure that my wife feels like she is raising four…
After my little adventure traveling through the dense jungle of my own mental fabrication, I finally made it to the “X” on the treasure map of my imagination.  Unfortunately, the treasure was no longer there.  Apparently, I was just an hour or two late from witnessing about four sea turtles lay their eggs!  By the time I arrived, all that remained of their presence were the tracks coming from and returning back to their ocean home.  This is the time of year where the female turtles make their way to a beach to build a nest in the sand and lay their eggs.  Chances for survival are slim for the infant turtles. The Treasure Coast is one of the few locations in the world where the life of many species of sea turtles begin (click here for 10 fascinating facts about sea turtles).  If you can handle the cuteness, here is a link to watch a baby sea turtle make the dangerous trek from its nest on the beach to its future habitat in the ocean (click here).

Do you have any stories or adventures that took place on Santa Lucea Beach?  Any photos or experiences with sea turtles?  I would love to hear about them and I am sure that some of the followers of my blog would agree.  Feel free to comment on this post and tell us all about them!

Like all good things, the adventure at Santa Lucea Beach had come to an end.  I hope you have enjoyed looking at my photographs at least a fraction as much as I enjoyed capturing them.  Before you leave, take some time to check out my Adventure Gear Store.  It includes items that I have purchased as well as things that I would like to have for future adventures on the beach.  If you know of any other items that might interest me, comment and let me know so that I can add it to my store.  Please feel free to like, comment, and even share my blog with others.  Today’s journey may have come to an end but it has motivated me to look forward to what the future will bring.  Please join me next week as I continue the journey on my Hutchinson Island Adventure!

  1. Verna Spires

    June 1, 2017 at 10:22 am

    Happy I found this blog. Love the pictures and reading about the beaches and area that I will be back in next week. Keep it up!

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