The Treasure Coast and Beyond: Ancient Oaks Preserve

Where is the Weldon B. Lewis Park – Ancient Oaks Preserve?

Just down the road from White City Park in Fort Pierce, Florida lies a hidden gem called Ancient Oaks Preserve.  From I-95, you can take Midway Road West to Oleander Road; just before hitting State Road 1.  Head North on Oleander and it will be just up on the right.

4650 Oleander Ave.
Fort Pierce, Florida 34982

Do you want to know more about the Weldon B. Lewis Park/Ancient Oaks Preserve?

Driving around Fort Pierce, I stumbled upon this park.  I have been to White City Park before and was planning on stopping there until I took a wrong turn.  Fortunately for me, I discovered the Ancient Oaks hiding within the Weldon B. Lewis Park!  If you would like more information, click on the following link to find out more from

While most of my family came with me, the littlest one is the only one in any of the pictures.  Why?  Well, he was the only one who waited for me to take pictures of the beautiful trail.  Since I brought up the beautiful trail, let me just say that it was a wonderful hike filled with beautiful trees.  The trail is a mile long loop and I really felt like doing a couple of rounds.  For me, walking a mile on a sidewalk or on a track is tedious, boring, and extremely uninspiring.  Walking on a trail, like the one at Ancient Oaks Preserve, is so enjoyable that I don’t even realize that I am getting some much-needed exercise.

There is one thing that everyone must remember when hiking in Florida.  HYDRATE!  My time in the military has permanently drilled this into my head.  HYDRATE!  HYDRATE! HYDRATE!  By the time you realize you are dehydrated, it is already too late.  It is vital to continually replenish the fluids in your body and the Florida heat will suck you dry.  If small children are with you, it is also vital that you keep them hydrated because they will be too busy having fun to worry about water.  While I will usually take a couple of water bottles, I am really wanting to invest in a lightweight hydration pack.  I love to camp in the backcountry and already have a hydration bladder to use with my internal frame backpack but that is a bit bulky for a casual stroll.

Before leaving, remember to check out my Adventure Gear Store (Click here to check out my store).  These are items that I have bought or would like to buy at some point in the future.  If you know of any other useful items that I don’t have listed, please comment and let me know so that I can check them out!  Thank you for joining me as I explore the Treasure Coast and Beyond!

Ancient Oaks
The Ancient, majestic oaks of Weldon B. Lewis Park.

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