By Mark Warner

The Hutchinson Island Adventure: Kimberly Bergalis Beach

For the second straight week, the adventure led me to Fort Pierce, FL.  The destination was the Kimberly Bergalis Beach.  This beach was dedicated to the memory of Kimberly Bergalis, a 23 year old resident of Fort Pierce who died after being exposed to the AIDS virus by a local dentist in 1987.  It is a very sad story that does not have a happy ending.  Unfortunately, she succumbed to the disease on December 8, 1991.  To read more about her story, click here.

It was an early morning.  It was also one of the days I dread each year; Daylight Savings Time (DST), especially when it is time to “Spring Forward”…  If you have read any of my past blogs, you would know that waking up early is not exactly my cup of tea.  Even though sunrise was officially at 7:34 a.m., we all know that it was really 6:34 a.m.  I truly believe that they should do away with DST because who really benefits anymore?  There are countless studies that show negative impacts, such as: increased risk of heart attack, loss of work productivity, increased chances of traffic accidents, and a loss of an hour from our weekend.  Despite all of this, I somehow woke up with time to spare.  It’s almost as if my body knew something spectacular was awaiting me, despite the evil DST. 

I arrived well before the sunrise and as I pulled into the large, paved parking lot I knew I was going to go home with some nice shots.  The Kimberly Bergalis Beach is a lovely beach.  One of the nicest ones I have been to so far.  There is ample parking, picnic tables, grills, bathrooms, and showers to wash off the sand before departing.  Everything you need to have a successful trip to the beach can be found here. 

This beautiful morning contained everything that I hope to be present when photographing a sunrise.  The clouds, the colors, everything was present on this fine morning.  It never ceases to amaze me how the colors of the sunrise change by the minute.  The view that I was a witness to caused me to reflect on what I had read about Kimberly Bergalis.  From what I understand, she loved her time at the beach.  I truly felt as if this was the type of morning that she would have loved.  They couldn’t have dedicated a better location to memorialize her life.  After putting my camera away, I sat for a few minutes and just watched as the sun continued to rise.  What a spectacular morning it was.

Sadly, the adventure had come to an end.  I hope you have enjoyed looking at my photographs at least a fraction as much as I enjoyed witnessing the real thing.  Please feel free to like, comment, and even share them with others.  The conclusion of today’s journey only motivates me to look forward to what the future will bring.  Please join me next week as I continue on my Hutchinson Island Adventure!