The Hutchinson Island Adventure: Frederick Douglass Memorial Park

By Mark Warner

The adventure for this morning led me to a beautiful beach that memorialized one of the most famous intellectuals of the 19th century.  His story is a powerful one: being born into slavery, learning to read even though it was illegal for slaves to do so, consulting with Presidents, and in 1872 he became the first African-American to be nominated as Vice President of the United States were just a few examples of his magnificent achievements.  For further reading on Frederick Douglass, click here.

While Frederick Douglass may not have been from Fort Pierce, FL, it was a great gesture to dedicate this beautiful park in his name.  To me, nothing says freedom like the majestic view from the beach.  It doesn’t matter what race you are, which religion you are, or even who you voted for.  When you are standing on a beach, watching the sun rise over the ocean, time seems to stand still.  Even if it is only for a fleeting moment, the pressures and stress of everyday life seem to dissolve into nothingness.  For that singular moment, the only thing in the world that matters is the beautiful scenery that lies before you.  If I had to choose a picture to represent freedom, I would not hesitate to choose a beautiful photograph of a glorious beach sunrise.  Nothing makes me feel more free than the few minutes in the morning that I just sit in the warm sand watching the sun slowly appear over the horizon, chasing the bleak darkness away for another day.

Frederick Douglass Memorial Park in Fort Pierce, FL is a beautiful location to visit.  There is ample parking, a restroom, picnic tables, grills, a shower to wash off the sand before leaving for the day.  The beach provides all of the normal rest, relaxation, and recreational activities that can be found at other beaches but the Frederick Douglass Memorial Park provides an opportunity to do something that I would bet is not very common these days.  Horseback riding on the beach!  How awesome would that be?  While the stables are not located at the Frederick Douglass Memorial Park, there are guided tours that meet on its sandy shores.  For more information about horseback riding on the beach, click here

The adventure for today had come to an end.  It was a beautiful morning which, in turn, provided an abundance of beautiful photographs.  I hope you enjoy looking at them as much as I enjoyed capturing them.  Feel free to like and comment about your experiences at the Frederick Douglass Memorial Park and I hope you join me next week as I continue with my Hutchinson Island Adventure!