By: Mark Warner

The Hutchinson Island Adventure: Jensen Beach Causeway

While the Jensen Beach Causeway isn’t technically “on” the Hutchinson Island, it is one of the few ways to easily gain access.  I am willing to bet that many people have never stopped at the Jensen Beach Causeway.  Millions have driven over it in order to gain access to the many beaches on the Hutchinson Island but I would guess that not very many people have taken the time to stop at the Causeway just to look around.

Today was going to be a busy, yet fun, day.  I was set for a night of camping with a couple of friends at the DuPuis Management Area near Lake Okeechobee.  Even though I had President’s Day off of work, I wanted to make sure that I would have at least one day to just sleep in.  Since I have noticed that primitive camping has begun to get less and less comfortable the older I get, I decided that Saturday night’s camp out would be in the back of my Jeep with a mattress.  All of this led me to the conclusion that Monday morning was going to be the only day I would be able to get a full night sleep on my own bed. 

As you could imagine… I woke up late.  Thankfully, I have been waiting to use this location for a time like this.  The Jensen Beach Causeway is the closest of the “beaches” to me.  I took the first exit on the right as soon as I arrived at the bridge.  This took me to a parking lot, along the waters edge, where I could park and take a few shots. 

The area which was adjacent to the first parking lot revealed a ramp, intended for the loading and unloading of small boats and kayaks.  This would be a perfect entrance onto the brackish waters of the Inter Coastal Waterway.   I have been out here on previous occasions and have noticed multiple sail boats, safely anchored for the night.   On this fine morning, the waters were calm with only a few sleeping boats, resting in the area. 

After taking  a few shots on this part of the Causeway, I jumped into my Jeep and headed for the Eastern edge.  This area was beautiful!  The sparkling waters beneath the bridge were bathed in the warm, golden glow of the radiant sun as it rose over the Hutchinson Island and burst through the blanket of clouds, gently covering the morning sky.

While more adventure awaited me later in the day, my Hutchinson Island Adventure had come to an end.  Keep an eye out because I will be posting more updates, photographs, and stories in a new blog, “The Treasure Coast and Beyond”.  Until next time, please like, comment, and share my blog so that others can join us on our journey!