The Hutchinson Island Adventure: Fletcher Beach

By Mark Warner

Today, my adventure led me to Fletcher Beach.  My original plan was to head to the House of Refuge but there were absolutely no clouds out this morning.  Right before arriving at the House of Refuge I saw a little parking area for Fletcher Beach and decided to make this my destination of the day.  Why?  Well, the House of Refuge is one of the most photographed locations on the Hutchinson Island and I want to make sure that when I go there I have all of my desired elements… mainly clouds. 

Fletcher Beach is a beautiful location.  The parking is very limited and there are no facilities but to me, that just means that there is more of a chance of having this beach to myself!  As I stepped out of my Jeep, I saw the path that leads to the beach.  It was pretty cool.  There is a bit of an incline, but after making the small climb on the sandy path, you are rewarded with the beautiful view of Fletcher Beach.

I walked around snapping photos, attempting to get some different angles and perspectives.  There were a few rock formations that made this site very interesting, especially the way their shadows stretched out towards me as if the night was trying to maintain its hold despite the eventual reign of the Florida sun.  The waves continued to crash in but the rocks continued to persevere despite the fact that they would eventually lose the battle. 

Eventually, the privacy and exclusion from human contact disappeared.  There came another person, along with their canine companion, to view the majestic sunrise.  The dog was running free and it appeared to be having a great time.  At one point it stopped to take in some scents that were impossible to be recognized by a human nose.  As he was sniffing around, I noticed the erosion of the beach that was surely caused by the recent close call of Hurricane Matthew.  While it is sad, it is also a natural occurrence.  Times like this, I wish that I had a metal detector with me… it is the Treasure Coast, you know.

The adventures never last long but the photographs I capture will always be there.  In those images, time stands still and I will always be able to look at them and recall my time there.  While this adventure has come to a close, it always excites me to know that the next adventure is just a week away.  Until next time, feel free to look back on all of my experiences during my Hutchinson Island Adventure!