By Mark Warner

The Hutchinson Island Adventure: Bob Graham Beach

The Hutchinson Island Adventure continues after a brief hiatus caused by Hurricane Matthew.  While those of us that live in this area were very fortunate by the last minute change in direction, those to the North of us were not so lucky. 

Today, the adventure led me to Bob Graham Beach.  This beach is just South of Jensen Beach and it was a beautiful morning for taking sunrise pictures.  Normally, I like to do a quick online search to see if I can find out a little history or an interesting news story that took place.  Unfortunately, there were a few news stories that were very similar… and not very inspiring. 

When I lived in Indiana, I used to listen to the Bob and Tom Show every weekday morning on the radio.  It is a syndicated US radio program established by Bob Kevoian and Tom Griswold at radio station WFBQ in Indianapolis, Indiana, March 7, 1983.  There were times when certain news stories happened, similar to what has occurred at Bob Graham Beach on multiple occasions, and they would refer to it as a “pickle park”.  I do not wish to discuss this any further because I find it quite disgusting and rather disturbing.  If you would like to read the most recent article in the TC Palm about the event that occurred a few months ago, you can click here.

Ok, now back to my adventure.  Today, I awoke and headed to the Bob Graham Beach.  When I arrived, I noticed that there was ample parking and a shower station adjacent to the boardwalk leading to the beach.  Very convenient, as I was able to park my Jeep right there.  As I walked across the boardwalk, the sun was just beginning to rise above the waves.  The beach was not nearly as wide as most of the other beaches that I have visited up to this point but still as beautiful as can be.  The ocean was pretty rough this morning.  This was nice, from an artistic point of view.  The waves were rather large and it was fun to just take a moment to observe the splendid view that was given to me on this beautiful morning.

As much as I wanted to just hang out on the beach for a little while longer, I had other things that I needed to attend to.  I have recently began trying my hand at family portraits and had a couple of appointments that I needed to get to.  If you follow my facebook page, you will probably notice more of them being posted in the coming months.  While landscape photography is currently my favorite, I like to face new challenges in order to keep me from getting bored and help me to improve upon my skills.  I will say this… at this point in time, portrait photography is is much more difficult than landscape photography.  Not to mention the responsibility you have.  With landscape photography it doesn’t matter if you make a mistake.  If none of the pictures turn out, the worse thing that can happen is that you come back on another day and try again.  Not quite the same with portrait photography.  Even if you were doing a free portrait, there is a feeling of responsibility to ensure quality photographs to your client.  It is more pressure, to be sure, but this is the sort of pressure that also tends to help one excel. 

Well, that was all for today.  My adventure is coming along quite well and I am sad to see it end today.  Fortunately, the adventure will continue next week as I continue to explore the beaches of the Hutchinson Island!