By Mark Warner

The Hutchinson Island Adventure: Herman’s Bay Beach

Today, the adventure took me to Herman’s Bay Beach.  Sunrise was was at 7:11 a.m. and I was ready to go today… I wanted to be here yesterday but I did not set my alarm clock and unfortunately, I woke up about ten minutes after the sun rose.  Oops.  My only excuse is that when I set my alarm the night before, I saw that it was on but didn’t realize that only my weekday alarm was set.  It is only scheduled to go off Monday thru Friday.  Anyways, I made up for it by getting up on this fine Sunday morning. 

I am not sure what it was like yesterday but I consider myself lucky.  While there weren’t an abundance of distinctive clouds or a beautiful variety of colors in the sky, I was greeted with the presence of a multitude of surfers and paddle boarders.  The waves appeared to be pretty good, not that I would know from experience.  I have only attempted to surf once and that was about twenty years ago but the surfers and paddle boarders seemed to be having a lot of success riding the waves… I could tell that much by just watching them.  I have to admit that it does look fun!

Herman’s Bay beach, like many of the other beaches I have visited on the Hutchinson Island is another that is not known to the masses.  While tourists may not visit this beach, it is definitely beloved by a select few.  Whether it is for the seclusion it offers or if it is just for the waves that crash onto the shores, I don’t know.  I would gladly come and visit again.  Maybe I’ll even give surfing another shot before I get too old…

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