The Hutchinson Island Adventure: Dollman Beach

By Mark Warner

I love living on the Treasure Coast.  The name alone makes each trip to the beach an adventure where countless discoveries are just waiting to be made.  Take a look at the article titled, “Jensen Beach firefighter finds anchor treasure at Dollman Beach” by Cynthia Washam of TC Palm.  While this discovery made at Dollman Beach may not have been worth a great deal of money, the adventure and excitement of the find would be something you would talk about and remember for the rest of your life.

For this week, I chose Dollman Beach as my sunrise destination. The sun was set to rise at 6:58 a.m. and I wasn’t going alone this time.  My daughter and her friend actually woke up on a Saturday morning to tag along.  When they told me they were going the night before I made sure they knew they were welcome.  After dragging myself out of bed, I was really surprised to see that they had awoke before me.  Normally, my trips to capture the sunrise are solitary adventures and the whole journey is relatively quiet.  This morning was different.  I was forced, against my will, to listen to what these kids refer to as music.  I know I am getting old but seriously, music has done more than go downhill, it has plunged headfirst from a cliff!

Leaving my Jeep in the parking lot, the girls were already well ahead of me.  They weren’t here for me, they had a mission and that mission was to get to the beach as fast as possible.  I usually tend to take things in and try to think of different shots that I might be able to take.  In other words, I usually don’t move nearly as fast because the coffee has not had enough time to do its magic.

I love the beaches that can be found on Hutchinson Island, like Dollman Beach.  The parking lot is separated and out of sight of the beach.  It gives you the feeling that you have found a previously undiscovered beach.  There is a sandy trail that cuts through a preserve and you begin to get an idea of what awaits you as you begin to make the climb up the gentle slope.  For today, there were clouds.  Lots of clouds.  I have said it before and I will say it again… I love clouds!

Dollman Beach is nowhere near as commercial as some of the more famous beaches in Florida but the rustic beauty and lack of tourists more than makes up for it.  If you live on Hutchinson Island or are in the vicinity go check it out for yourself.  It is well worth it!

Have you been or do you plan on visiting Dollman Beach?  Let me hear some of your stories.  Also, if you have any suggestions for ways that I can improve my blog or my photography please leave a comment.

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