The Hutchinson Island Adventure: Blue Heron Beach

By Mark Warner

Blue Heron Beach is another destination on the Hutchinson Island that one can go if seclusion and privacy is desired.  The dunes are prevalent at this site.  According to the Florida Department of Environmental Protection, “The beach and dune system is our first line of defense against storms because it acts as a buffer between the storm waves and coastal development. During hurricanes, storm waves encounter the beach and dunes before crashing into upland structures. When this happens, the sand making up the beach and dune system may be temporarily lost to the offshore bar system absorbing energy and reducing the damage suffered by structures.” 

My adventure inadvertently began this morning after my normal, weekday alarm clock went off at 5:50 a.m.  Normally, this would not be a big deal on a Monday morning.  However, this Monday morning was different from most.  It was Labor Day!!!  To many Americans, this means sleeping in due to the fact that many businesses are closed for the holiday and it is the last day of a well deserved “Three Day Weekend”.  This was the case for me but since my alarm went off, and I was now up, I figured I might as well just get out of bed and pick another beach on the Hutchinson Island to explore.

This day of the year, September 5th, also meant something even more important to me than taking photographs of the sun rising over the Atlantic Ocean… Today was my daughter’s birthday!  Not just any birthday either; Emma was turning thirteen!  From the time she was born, I always dreaded this day.  I was now going to have a teenage girl living in my house!  Lord, help me.

Anyways, teenage troubles aside, this blog is about my adventures to the beaches on the Hutchinson Island, so let’s get back to it.  I had just been to Waveland Beach a couple of days before and wasn’t planning on documenting another beach until the next weekend but since I was awake, I didn’t have anything better to do.  After getting everything ready and walking out to my Jeep, I had to decide where the adventure would be this fine morning.

In a method like throwing a dart at my list of beaches with a blindfold on, I randomly chose to go to Blue Heron Beach in Fort Pierce.  Unlike the majority of locations I have visited since moving to Florida, Fort Pierce does not share the same Mediterranean style Architecture that is common throughout this region of the country.  Fort Pierce reminded me more of a Mid-Western style town, akin to where I was born and raised.

While it was good to be reminded of my hometown, it was better knowing that I was headed to the beach.  When I pulled onto Blue Heron Boulevard, I knew I was going to get some good shots.  I have to admit, I always feel that way on these adventures because it seems like there is no such thing as a bad picture when it comes to the beaches in Florida.  Leaving my jeep behind, I walked down a sandy path surrounded by dunes and the vegetation that accompanies them.  I saw a number of small holes in the sides of some of the dunes with the prints of the crabs leading into their burrows.  There was also a couple of people on the beach with their fishing poles, hoping to make their Labor Day a real treat.  It was a perfect morning.

I took a great deal of photographs on this outing and have selected the ones that I like best.  I hope that you enjoy them!  Please feel free to like this page and leave a comment.  Below, I have posted links to the other chapters of the Hutchinson Island Adventure.  Feel free to click on them and read any of the others you may have missed.  Also, please feel free to add a comment.  Perhaps you have a story about this beach that you would like to tell.  I would love to hear it.  Until the next adventure, enjoy the Blue Heron Beach!

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