The Hutchinson Island Adventure Begins!

By Mark Warner

“Hutchinson Island, located on the east coast of Florida, is a long, thin barrier island that stretches from Fort Pierce to Stuart, Florida.  There are miles of beautiful, sandy beaches to enjoy with many free public beach access on this down-to-earth island along with cultural events and activities for the whole family to enjoy.”  ~   Florida’s Hutchinson Island

Since moving to Florida about a year ago I have found that I really enjoy photographing sunrises at the beach.  I know, it’s not the most original idea but I enjoy it so I don’t really care.  I do take pride in the photographs that I post because it is more than just simply snapping a picture with a cell phone.  There is a lot of post production work involved that can take hours of meticulous editing, depending on various circumstances.  While the pictures that are posted on this site are more compressed (so that my page does not take too long to download) and would not look very good if they were printed out, I also make sure to save each picture at a much higher resolution so that I can print nearly any size a person would want.  Enough about the technicalities and onto the purpose of my blog.

The Hutchinson Island Adventure Begins.  When first moving to Florida from Indiana, I always tended to go to Jensen Beach Park because it was nearest to my home.  After a while it became a bit monotonous.  Many times, while driving, I noticed various parking areas for so many small beaches and they were all undiscovered to me.  I always wondered if there was anything special about them.  Now I have decided to find out, hence the title of this blog.

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